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Ref. 2010140

713,40 €

When your HPFP is no longer working at sufficient levels, it is time for an upgrade. It is time for the increased LOBA Motorsport pump.
Thanks to the best components, a sophisticated multi-stage process, the best quality and its excellent quality-price ratio, the LOBA pump is the choice of professionals in the tuning scene.
-Developed for racing and tuned vehicles
-Higher pressure levels, higher flow rates
-The appearance is nearly identical to that of an OEM pump
-Hardened cylinders and pistons made from a special alloy
-Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coated pistons
-Developed and produced by LOBA Motorsport

A completely new and standard Hitachi pump is the basis of this pump. To improve performance and efficiency, LOBA replaces the most delicate components in the interior of the pump using pistons and cylinders built in-house.
These are processed in a multi-stage hardening process at very restrictive tolerances using custom metals.
LOBA Motorsport performs a sophisticated micron grinding process with an accuracy of over 0.0002 ". A special treatment called DLC (diamond dressing) is applied to the pistons.
Thanks to this special construction technique, the quality of the surface and its unique contour, the LOBA Motorsport components allow a significantly higher pressure and supply of petrol.
The assembly of this pump does not differ from that of a conventional standard pump. The difference lies in performance and driving pleasure.
Order now and you will be convinced of it.
Product Name: LOBA HP14
Product number: 2010140
Compatible motors: VAG 1.4 TSI / TFSI
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