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Downpipe DPF Delete BMW F15/F16 & F30/F31 & F32/F33/F36 & F07/F10/F11 (30d/35d/40d N57 ENGINES)
Ref. 126D

299 €

Downpipe for the models below:
-BMW F15 x5 30xd/40xd N57N,N57Z 2012-2016 (258/313hp)
-BMW F16 x6 30xd/40xd N57N,N57Z 2013-2016 (258/313hp)
-BMW F30 330d/30xd & 35d/xd N57N,N57Z 2011-2017 (258/313hp)
-BMW F31 330d/30xd & 35d/xd N57N,N57Z 2011-2017 (258/313hp)
-BMW F32 430d/30xd & 35d/xd N57N,N57Z 2012-2017 (258/313hp)
-BMW F33 430d/30xd & 35d/xd N57N,N57Z 2012-2017 (258/313hp)
-BMW F36 430d/30xd & 35d/xd N57N,N57Z 2012-2017 (258/313hp)
-BMW F07 530d/30xd & 35d/xd N57N,N57Z 2011-2017 (258/313hp)
-BMW F10 530d/30xd & 35d/xd N57N,N57Z 2011-2017 (258/313hp)
-BMW F11 530d/30xd & 35d/xd N57N,N57Z 2011-2017 (258/313hp)

Compatible with the following OEM DPF Part numbers:
Pipe diameter - 76mm
Downpipe made 100% from Stainless steel 304 and TIG welded for better performance and durability.
All the flanges and exhaust parts are made by CNC machine.
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