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FORGE Recirculation Valve and Kit for Audi / VW / SEAT / Skoda 1.4 TSI

241,99 €

Product Description
This valve kit is for VAG vehicles equipped with the 1.4 TSI twincharged (supercharged and turbocharged) engines that have the electronically controlled bypass valves (2 bolt fitting). It is recommended for any vehicle where the boost pressure has been increased by an ECU software upgrade and for unmodified vehicles operating in warmer climates, as a solution to the many failures of the OEM valve, that have occurred.
Our alternative is a fully engineered solution offering both significantly improved reliability. Our valve and installation kit replaces the original unit with a pressure/vacuum operated piston valve that still also retains the desirable OEM ECU control over valve actuation. This product has been thoroughly designed and tested with the expressed intent of offering improved valve response and maintaining ECU control while resulting in absolutely NO fault codes, NO check engine lights, and no adverse effects of any kind. All of the necessary components and detailed instructions are included and everything is designed to make installation as simple as possible.
In The Box:
1 x FMDVRTSI Valve
1 x Wiring Harness
1 x Solenoid, Bracket, and Screws
1 x Skoda Vacuum Tap
2 x M5 x 35 Self Tapper Screw
1 x Uprated Blue Spring
10 x Cable Ties
1 x 2000mm Length of 4mm Vac Hose
1 x M5 x 12 Socket Button Screw
1 x M5 Nyloc Nut
1 x Instructions
1 x Forge Keyring and Sticker
If you wish to tune this product to fit the needs of your engine, please see the spring tuning kit below.

A1 1.4 Twincharged 
A3 1.4 Twincharged

Fabia VRS Petrol

Ibiza MK5

Golf MK5 1.4 S/Charge 
Golf Mk6 1.4 Twincharged 
Polo 1.4 TSI 
Polo 1.4 GTi 
Scirocco 1.4 Twincharged 160
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