Increase the power of your car


MY POWER is a technological company developed from the incubator of companies of the University of Minho with the purpose of providing solutions for the automotive sector, namely the optimization of the operation of diesel and petrol engines.
MY POWER is a spin-off of the University of Minho dedicated to the automotive sector. Provides technical services of Engineering, Consulting and Automotive expertise.


Offer rigor and excellence in the services provided, betting on the best equipment and products and on permanent technical training. In MY POWER there are no standardized solutions, each tuning is done taking into account the objectives of the client!


The main area of ​​operation of MY POWER is the customization of the electronic tuning of engines. We optimize the performance due to the use of the vehicle and its usual driver, with a consumption reduction of close to 10%! We optimize any engine with electronic management, regardless of the fuel used! For example, a company with a fleet of 10 vehicles, which runs 50,000 km on average per year, can save up to 7500 euros in a year with our solution. In order to guarantee the quality of our service, we always monitor pressure and temperature values ​​before and after each change.
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