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KING RACING Audi VW Skoda Seat 1781cc, 1984cc, 1998cc (including Turbo) CR4104XP STDX Con Rod Bearings
Ref. CR4104XP STDX

70,26 €

Continuously pushing the limits
Today’s race engines make more power than ever before. Yesterday’s engine bearing load capacity
no longer works today… and tomorrow’s race engines will be even more powerful. There's a need
to meet these demands with higher bearing design standards and improved materials.
King Racing’s XP series of rod and main bearings was developed to meet these challenges through
technologically advanced geometrical features and a unique metal structure. Together, they drive the
industry to a new level of durability and performance.
pMAX BlackTM
Superior load capacity
A unique tri - metal structure developed to meet the ongoing
demand for increased engine bearing load capacity.
• 24% stronger overlay
• 17% more fatigue resistance
• SecureBond™ - A micro - etch process
that improves multi - layer adhesion and structural integrity
• Compatible with all crankshafts
Intermediate layer:
• Copper - based alloy strengthened by 4.5% tin
• Industry's highest hardness level - 115HV
• Load capacity - 17,000 PSI
• Strengthened by 5% copper
• Industry's highest hardness level - up to 18.1HV
• Fatigue resistance - 10,200 PSI
Breakthrough hardening technology

King Racing’s new hardening technology modifies the overlay molecular
structure and creates a fatigue - resisting shield, capable of carrying
24% more load.
Greater load surface
A unique oil groove design with a 90º groove shape. U-Groove™ increases bearing load
capacity by expanding the effective surface area, while keeping oil flow capacity intact.
• Better load distribution across the bearing surface
• More stable hydrodynamic lubrication regime
• Greater bearing durability at high RPM’s

Bull's Eye ToleranceTM
Perfect clearance in every set 
Bull's Eye Tolerance™ sets new standards in bearing thickness consistency.
It outperforms the industry's wall thickness tolerance, ensuring the least thickness variation.
• No more purchasing multiple sets or “fishing” for bearings to reach the
right clearance
• No need to grind cranks “fat” or “thin”
• No need to adjust housing diameter
• Less taper across the bearing face
The most accurate clearance in the industry
Wall Thickness Variation

Improved oil ingress
ElliptiX™ is a newly designed oil slot / oil hole hybrid. It improves oil ingress without
affecting the bearing's surface or compromising the load capacity.
• Increases oil passage capacity
• Higher oil supply reliability
• Eliminates need for custom- made oil hole enlargement

Optimal crush height and heat transfer 
RadiaLock™ is an optimal crush height value determined by a robust R&D process that
customizes each bearing crush height to its specific performance demands.
• Optimal press fit
• Improves bearing spin and fretting prevention
• Better heat transfer
• Reduces bearing and housing distortion
A superior hydrodynamic regime 
EccentriX™ is an optimized eccentricity value reached through elasto hydrodynamic
analysis and dynamic calculations. Each bearing's eccentricity value is custom
designed to meet specific performance requirements.
• Better oil wedge formation
• More stable hydrodynamic lubrication regime
• Reduces vibration and wear
• Prevents oil film “wiping” under high RPM conditions
• Optimizes load distribution acros the bearing surface

Crankshaft 47.777 / 47.757
Housing 50.599 / 50.620
Max Wall 1.402
Max Length 18.971
Engines Fits all 4 cylinder engines with 50.60mm big end:
1.6 1.8 (incl. Turbo) 2.0 (9A, KR, PL, 3A, AFB, AGU, AEB, ANB, APH, APU, ARZ, AVC, AWC, ARX, AUM, AUQ, AWM, AWP, AWT, AWU, AWV, BBU, etc.)
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