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Ref. VWR42G500

259,99 €

If you’ve lowered your car, the VWR Adjustable Drop Links are an essential upgrade to zero the pre-load on your anti-roll bar geometry, plus add stiffness and precision by replacing the stock rubber joints with rose joints.
The drop link attaches the front anti roll bar ends to the front damper. The OEM links were made the length they are for a reason - to compliment the standard ride height. When you lower ride height, the car will now be pulling your anti roll bar ends up, pushing it out of its operating window, and forcing the link to sit at a sharper angle.
These links were developed for our race cars to allow the anti roll bar to work the way it should, adjusting the height of droplinks to the equivalent of the lowering amount is a must.


30mm of adjustable length to zero preload on the Anti Roll Bar.

By replacing the soft rubber bushing from the factory links with rose joints , cornering and steering responses are sharpened.

Developed for our race cars, with no compromise for road cars.

Left / Right threaded ends make for easy length adjustment.

The highest grade aluminium with aerospace-specification rose joints.

Fully compatible with any suspension brand and any anti roll bar products - OEM or aftermarket.

///  By returning the anti roll bar to its correct geometry, cornering response is optimised.
///  Solid aerospace-quality rose joint ends replace the rubber bushing in the factory joint.
///  By removing the bushing compliance, a more direct connection to the anti roll bar gives sharper turn in.
///  For serious track use, the adjustment can be used to fine tune the anti roll bar preload once the car is corner-weighted.
///  The links provide 30mm centre to centre length adjustment. The link lengths are 300mm - 330mm (stock is 330mm).

///  Left / Right threaded ends make for easy length adjustment to eliminate preload and adjust the link length when changing between adjustment holes on our Anti Roll Bar.
///  The light weight aluminium bodies (made from CNC Machined 7075 Aluminum) are finished in a beautiful anodised grey-blue coating.
///  The links utilise heavy duty steel ball joint ends that adjust & rotate to any angular combination.
///  The ball joint ends are the highest quality motorsport-specification heat treated nickel-plated steel, with high polish finish stainless steel inserts.
///  The joints themselves have a PTFE liner bonded to the inner surface with hardened and hard chrome-plated maintenance free roller ball bearings.

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