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ZRP Forged Pistons Diamond Series Audi / VW 1.9L-2.0L TDI Diesel 82.00mm 18:1
Ref. 23704-820

1.537,50 €


The high-performance pistons series will be called “Diamond Series” and they will be engineered with only one thing in mind: WINNIG RACES. These will be manufactured from Diamond Racing in the USA from 2618 material. Diamond racing company is known from the late 60s to produce the highest quality engine parts around. The past 2 decades Diamond has solely dedicated itself to manufacturing forged pistons. With all state of the art machinery they offer customers the state of the industry in machining. The Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is one of several sophisticated pieces of measuring and modeling apparatus used in Diamond’s engineering department. The CMM provides very accurate measurements, measuring the location and details of valve pockets, for example, to within a .0001in. This laser scanner is used for modeling purposes, especially for scanning piston domes where it scans thousands of surface points in minutes. Developing the highest quality pistons in the industry by using the latest CNC machinery and computer software aids, as well as providing unmatched quality control. With these credentials it was only a matter of time before we decide that this is the firm to work with for making unlimited horsepower!

Optional coatings offered per request:
Thermal barrier coating “Blast Off Bronze” / Moly Side-Skirt and Under-Crown coating “Stealth Black” / Hard anodized coating / Double diamond coating / PTFE coating, Hard anodized and Teflon seal coating

Additional information:
Bore Size: 82.00mm
Over Size: 2.50 mm
Comp Ratio: 18.0:1
Comp Height: 45.79
Stroke: 95.50 mm
Rod: 144.00mm
Wrist Pin Pn: 26.00 mm
Deck Clr: -0.10
Dome CCS: -21.50
Head CCS: 46.00 / 45.00
Block Height: 296.00 mm
Top Ring Down: 10.10
Ring Set: CUSTOM-CS-04
Piston Material: 2618
Series: Diamond Series
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